Skinny Jenny old

ALEXI TUOMARILA piano/keyboards
TIMO KÄMÄRÄINEN guitar/vocals
TUOMAS TIMONEN drums/vocals/electronics

Skinny Jenny

A group of three seasoned musicians come together in Skinny Jenny to explore the boundaries between different genres. With strong roots in classical, jazz and rock the trio offers a fresh and welcome angle to today’s scene. This brand new ensemble consists of musicians who are well known for playing with Tomasz Stank and Olavi Uusivirta, as well as well as for the jazz trio HERD. Sit back and enjoy as Skinny Jenny dives into the unknown with their unique combination of ”action jazz,” indie, and speedy beatnik bop. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to come to the show.

“Skinny Jenny took us directly into prog-jazz territory (increasingly popular in Scandinavia lately, methinks) with heavy King Crimson and Pink Floyd references.”
– Jazz Journal
“…Skinny Jenny have travelled so far they can’t even see tradition in the rearview mirror…”
“Pop, rock, electronic influences, all filtered through an improvising sensibility and distilled into a series of songs…“
– Dave Noxell / a Jazz Noise

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